Sunday, January 11, 2009

Joaquin and Emile

Joaquin and Emile. These are actually two boys who are now one. At one point they were a pair of twins one a bit more serious,Joaquin, and down to earth the other was a childish dreamer, Emile. In a time of war in a sort of post-apocalyptic like world, very deserted empty broken place, scientists were trying to develop a way to anticipate an enemies attack. The looked into the esp/telepathy that wins are suppose to share with one another. Through a series of experiments they decided to switch the left and right lobe of each brother's brain to try and combine their abilities to read minds, hoping they would be able to read others thoughts rather than simply anticipate each brother's actions and thoughts. In the end Emile's body died unable to deal with the stress of the surgery. Joaquin was left alone and the only result seemed to be a scar on the side of his head and a few memories that were his brothers They abandoned the experiment and the brother with out discovering that he'd blacked out, though appearing completely conscious, Emile's brain half had taken over. Joaquin was both himself and his brother mentally and technically genetically too. 
So that is the little story behind the brothers/brother. He's a he but also a they at the same time! 

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