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pretty much a hotty. 

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fat pink merman. he's pretty much a total hotty.

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His name is Kayl and he is a funny guy his grandparents raised him in their old world east austrian styled home that his grandfather built when they first arrived in this country. He lived in the upstairs attic, that was made into a fully functioning room for him and basically lived on the near poverty line for almost his entire life! He got a job at a bakery in order to support his after school activity of Tai Kwon Doh and to help his grandparents out with bills! Well as he went through life he continued to be thrown curve balls. His grandparents died and he was put into foster care. He finished high school and at 18 was on his own. Working as a tailor and steam presser at a local dry cleaner he made a meager living but was able to afford his little two room apartment! Around age 22 he really wanted a chance to figure out his  sexuality, always having been focused on grades and trying to get over major family deaths, and his job he never really dated except for about five dates hat never ended up with follow up date. He highered a hooker, she was a werwolf ( another race to the formentioned universe of roger) well 8 months later she came knocking on his door and adopted of a little baby, claiming it was his. the boy was a full blood baby werwolf, and of course he thought about putting him up for adoption but after a while he just fell in love with HIS baby boy. He fell in love and raised him, sure he could barely afford anything but that didn't matter he had a happy little family again! years later after his soon (who had a weight problem which lead to a heart condition which added to the poor elf's stress). He got a shrink to get help him deal with his stress and it ended up being a boy he knew in high school.. and even thought it is very unprofessional they ended up getting together (he switched doctors after that!). And now he had a happy family with his adopted son and doctor boyfriend! 


Roger looks like a cute kid. I like him a lot. He' an elf, whose great grandmother was a giant, giant have since be exterminated in this universe in an ethnic cleansing (if you're confused to what i mean, just imagine if hitler had achieved what he set out to do. it's a terrible thought)  anyways he is an elf (one of the races in this little universe that was created with a friend) and he is also a little mentally handicapped, aka retarded. He doesn't let that get in his way too much though. He is what is known as "mildly retarded" he has a job he loves people and he'd pretty much normal except for the fact he is very slow (think a little faster than forest gump!) He is from Miami and the oldest brother of six little sisters, all of which have brains that work at full mental capacity! They love their big brother, he was always good to protect them from the boogie man and thunderstorms (which they had to sit through a lot of living in florida), especially with a lack of father around (he'd died do to cardiac arrest when their mother was pregnant with the youngest of the little girls). After he managed to graduate high school he left his lovely souther east coast to move to the seattle area, now he must learn to get use to the cold and living on his own. He started to get tattooed and work out so that he sort of looked the part of stupid. He prefer people thought he was a meat head or a dumb punk than realize he's retarded. it worked pretty well. Unfortunately after another friend discovered his mental capacity he felt very lonely, and after talking it over with a very stupid friend who said " dude your life sucks, why haven;t you killed yourself yet? lol" he took his advice and attempted suicide. All was not in sad though. It was in the psyche wing of the hospital where he was evaluated that he met the little chubby love of his life. All in all, trying to die was the best thing he had ever done. 

Joaquin and Emile

Joaquin and Emile. These are actually two boys who are now one. At one point they were a pair of twins one a bit more serious,Joaquin, and down to earth the other was a childish dreamer, Emile. In a time of war in a sort of post-apocalyptic like world, very deserted empty broken place, scientists were trying to develop a way to anticipate an enemies attack. The looked into the esp/telepathy that wins are suppose to share with one another. Through a series of experiments they decided to switch the left and right lobe of each brother's brain to try and combine their abilities to read minds, hoping they would be able to read others thoughts rather than simply anticipate each brother's actions and thoughts. In the end Emile's body died unable to deal with the stress of the surgery. Joaquin was left alone and the only result seemed to be a scar on the side of his head and a few memories that were his brothers They abandoned the experiment and the brother with out discovering that he'd blacked out, though appearing completely conscious, Emile's brain half had taken over. Joaquin was both himself and his brother mentally and technically genetically too. 
So that is the little story behind the brothers/brother. He's a he but also a they at the same time! 
So wow i started a blog uhm wooo lol